Théodore DUBOIS

Théodore DUBOIS

Do you know Théodore DUBOIS ?

French composer Théodore Dubois resurfaced after a long period of neglect.

His return to the heart of the music of his time, among his peers, has been initiated and

a few years, he took his place among the composers of the pivotal period between the

19th and 20th century.

Concerts, recordings, publishing his writings illuminate his work in a new light as to meet his wish when he wrote towards the end of his life:

"... If, later, after me, my compositions come under the eyes of musicians and unprejudiced criticism, a turnaround will be in my favor."

In 2005, his descendants founded the Association Théodore Dubois who gave aim to rediscover and promote his work.

Thanks to research done by the members of the association,diem music publishers can now offer choirs who wish the scores of some of these "forgotten treasures ...

With the support of the descendants of Theodore Dubois, Diem Editions Musicales offers a selection of rare works including the Mass of Deliverance (piano singing, conducting and orchestral material) which has just appeared in our catalog