DIEM - Always more !

DIEM - Always more !

transcripts for reduced training

diem music publishing has opted to offer choirs the possibility in some works, to use an accompaniment reduced to a few instrumentalists. This is either based on the indications of the composer or after analysis of the orchestral score, edit a new driver reduced to a few selected instruments that will translate the essential elements of the work without betraying the thought of the composer.

This is the work of our publishing manager, with a strong musical education, choral conductor and orchestras for many years.

We hope by this approach enable vocal ensembles work quijusqu'alors works were inaccessiblesà budget.

Special Editions ...

You are choral organizer? Do you know that we can edit a custom partition for the occasion?

Maybe you keep your records a score close to your heart and publishing that does not exist more ...

Ask us, we will study together the feasibility and offer you our most appropriate rates, as soon as possible.

Young composers ...

Because young talents also have nice things to say ... we are ready to give them a chance.

You have written works for choir? Contact us and send us your manuscripts; they will be studied with great care.